Feb 01 2019
Press Release

JESU & AESF's eSports International Challenge Cup 2019 Begins A New Age Of Teamwork & Country Pride

Esports glory and country pride was at stake during the weekend of 26 and 27 January at the JAEPO gaming exhibition. The Japan ESports Union (JESU) and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) displayed their combined might in hosting the eSports International Challenge Cup 2019 at the Makuhari Messe expo in Chiba, Japan. 
Players in Japanese and Asian teams fought each other in a 3-set matchup featuring the best in esports games: Overwatch, Tekken 7, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. 
Overwatch’s Japan team, featuring players from renowned team Jupiter, beat the Asia team, which consists of members from Xavier Esports. In the end, the Brigitte combination was too much for the Asian team to handle. 

The Tekken 7 Japan and Asian team took advantage of the game’s second season buffs and proceeded to use characters who were improved. It was a close game, but Japan’s team managed to edge out the win for their country. 

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 matches on Sunday were also intense, yet one winner had to be declared. To the victor goes to Japan’s trio who edged out a win against Asia’s Scarlet, Charles_ng, and shagamoon. 

Last but not least, Japan’s Street Fighter team consisting of Tokido, Nemo, and Fuudo defeated Asia’s team of OilKing, Humanbomb, and NL. While Asia had a strong start with OilKing’s crazy and rushdown-style Rashid play against Tokido’s tactics, Nemo and Fuudo made use of their characters’ Season 4 buffs and counterpick options against Humanbomb’s Chun-Li and NL’s Cammy.


The eSports International Challenge Cup 2019 had a grand debut attendance of unprecedented numbers and was the first tournament of this year to showcase a unique country versus country dynamic unlike other events and esports bouts so far. The group setting in the tournament is also unique in a sense that it makes players who used to fight for themselves play for national pride. 
While Japan has won their games with flying colours, we should not discount the efforts of Asia’s best and mightiest esports warriors as they gave their all in this fight.  We look forward to more tournaments for a magnificent display of cameraderie, showmanship, skill, and talent, just as the Japan and Asian competitors had presented.