Jan 10 2019
Press Release

Esports Substitute Military Service in Taiwan

With long-time endeavors Chinese Taipei Esports Association made in advocacy and great help by Tang Feng, Executive Yuan Official, the pioneered Esports Substitute Military Service in Taiwan has begun since 2017.



Ministry of Culture of Republic of China has recently announced regulations of Substitute Military Service for the year 2019.  To qualify Esports Substitute Military Service, males at the age of 19-35 should meet with the conditions below.

1) participation in Esports tournaments certified by International Olympic Committee.

2) participation in IESF World Championship in the past 8 years, with records of gold, silver or bronze medals.

3) with at least one year experiencer as pro gamer, participation in professional Esports tournaments, which

    a) last for at least two years.

    b) with more than four teams participated or individul game with at least eight participants.

    c) with complete regulations, guidance for players and referees.

There will be a group of juries reviewing the application data to have final decisions.


The very first qualifiers served for Esports Substitute Military Service included Yin Hsun (Nickname: Bolt), Lu Chia-Hung (Nickname: Ian)and Hung  Tsung-Yu(Nickname: Horseman None_desu), who began their service in August 2017 at universities with Esports relevant courses.


Take Yin Hsun, seven-year pro gamer of SF Online, for example.  He served at Taipei City University of Science and Technology, the first school starting Esports Industry Course in Taiwan, planned by Department of Computer and Communication Engineering since 2015, coaching their Esports Team, COS City Hawk, to preapre for game title CS: GO at IESF Esports World Championship.



By promoting Esports Substitute Military Service, Chinese Taipei Esports Association wants not only to sustain the career of pro gamers and let them make good use of theirexpertise, but also assist the students interested in Esports industry to acquire knowledge required and get ready to devote themselves to Esports industry.