Dec 13 2018

Final Results of 2018 10th IESF Esports World Championship in Kaohsiung

Held in Kaohsiung, the largest port city in Taiwan, also nominated by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 tourist cities to be visited in 2018, the IESF 10th Esports Championship came to an end on November 11th.


No less than 700 athletes and delegates from 48 Nations participated in the tournaments, along with 18,000 spectators in total coming to K-Arena during the event.


The Titles this year are League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Tekken7.


Final results of League of Legends:

Champion: Republic of Korea

  • Runner-up: Macau
  • Third place: Chinese Taipei


Final Ranking of League of Legends:


Final results of CS:GO:

  • Champion: Finland
  • Runner-up: Sweden
  • Third place: Romania


Final Ranking of CS:GO:


Final results of Tekken 7:

  • Champion: Saudi Arabia
  • Runner-up: Japan
  • Third place: Korea


Final Ranking of Tekken7:


Last but not least, final results of National Ranking are as below.


Congratulations to Overall Champion, Team Korea!