Chinese Taipei Esports Association(CTESA) was established on January 10, 2012. It is the only specified organize of esports for the Sports Adminstration Ministry of Education and the Chinese Taipei Olympic Commitee. Now belong to the Sports for all Division / International Window Non-Asian Olympic Sports Group and counsell by the Sports Adminstration Ministry of Education. CTESA is founding member of the International Esports Federation (Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Vietnam).


Chinese Taipei Esports Association has established with five purposes:

1. To promote Chinese Taipei's esports become an official sports item.
2. To select various esports in Chinese Taipei which to become an official competition and draft competition regulations.
3. To promote the grading system of Chinese Taipei's esports competition, including occupation, amateur, group A and intercollegiate cups.
4. To promote the grading certification licenses of Chinese Taipei esports related personnel, such as referees, coaches, players and competition commentor.
5. To promote the establishment of the national esports teams and actively participate in esports competitions and exchanges around the world.